• Invitations $500
  • Logos $500
  • Letterheads $250
  • Publication (email for prices)
  • Brochure (email for prices)
  • Hourly Rates: Design $75 per hr
  • Hourly Rates: Production $45 per hr

    DHobanDesign is more than a design firm that can pick up the pieces. We get the job done!!
    From DAY ONE, we hit the ground running, with a proven record of excellence in both
    print and web. I have years of experience developing tactful leadership skills with
    expertise as a talented conceptual and creative thinker. I LOVE working with people
    and brainstorming to get the most complete and effective creative materials to market
    for each client. Let me be there for you.

    I Supervise Projects From Start to Finish
    My computer skills are impeccable, my demeaner is calm, steady, and approachable,
    and my creative abilities are far reaching. Leave your cares behind you, put your trust
    in my hands as I help move your branding and creative needs to the next level.


    2 Birchwood Court, 5L
    Mineola, New York 11501